Gervonta Davis Shares A Private Instagram Messages With Ryan Garcia Over Steroids Dispute ‌

Garcia refutes doping allegations following positive PED tests, sparking controversy in boxing world.

<p>Gervonta Davis shares a private instagram messages with Ryan Garcia over steroids dispute. X.</p>

In reaction to his two positive tests for the illegal PED ostarine, boxing celebrity Ryan Garcia has denied using performance-enhancing drugs.

The remaining results were gathered for Garcia’s bout with Devin Haney on April 20th. Garcia claims that on 2/26, 3/8, 3/15, and 4/3, his VADA tests came back negative. He tests positive for the 4/19 and 4/20 tests all of a sudden.

He gives the impression that the testing is not quite right. Ryan’s tests should not have shown negative for all four, then to test positive on the day of the bout. Ryan wouldn’t wait until the day of the fight to utilize performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

Social media followers of Ryan think there is a plot to defame him after he defeated well-known fighter Haney, who is supported by Eddie Hearn. Last year, Haney was involved in a contentious victory versus Vasily Lomachenko, where he seemed to lose but was declared the winner.

In their main event last month, Ryan defeated the undefeated WBC light welterweight champion Haney via a 12-round majority decision.

Gervonta Davis has since deleted another tweet, but not before sharing a screenshot of one of his direct messages with Ryan García. In it, the two discuss the PED scandal and state the following.

“If you cheated and I’m defending you.. ima beat tf outta you when I catch you,” said Gervonta Davis in a post on X.

“You will see in the next coming days I didn’t cheat,” replied Garcia.

The news that Ryan tested positive for the PEDs osteorine and 19-norandrosterone has clouded the victory a little. That one is still pending confirmation.

“My levels are so low for someone who took Ostarine. I was posting throughout training and non of my test came out positive. All of a sudden I’m positive? We know what it is,” said Ryan Garcia in a post on X.

“They make false claims and try to ban me from boxing or put me in jail. Crazy,” he added.

                It’s likely that Ryan’s B-sample test will be looked at to validate the first test findings. Should the results also be positive, he might be suspended.In a major match, Ryan is expected to face Gervonta Davis after proving his innocence. However, Haney is the one who is hurting in this situation since, no matter how things work out, he will always remember being severely injured by Ryan, being dropped three times, and having referee Harvey Dock to save him.