Boxing Star Garcia Announces New Relationship And Training His Girlfriend For A High-Stakes Fight

Ryan Garcia reveals new girlfriend and prepares her for a crossover bout in Misfits Boxing, as he gears up for a world title defense against Devin Haney.

<p>Ryan Garcia exchanges punches with Oscar Duarte during their welterweight fight at Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Ryan Garcia has revealed his new relationship with Mikaela Testa. CARMEN MANDATO/GETTY IMAGES.</p>

Garcia, who recently got divorced with Andrea Celina, posted a series of pictures on Instagram revealing his new relationship.


“On a semi serious note I have a new Girlfriend. Not super serious at this time but she my boo @mikkimouse404. said Garcia on an Instagram. ”Ima teach her how to fight! She’s the next one up @misfitsboxing.”


Garcia then put even more effort into preparing Mikaela to compete for Misfits Boxing, a promotion that stages crossover fights starring celebrities.


“Look this is my baby, MY QUEEN BELIEVE THAT!!. Stop judging her is she perfect no. But are you? THOUGHT SO. I love her so stop hating. Btw, I’m training her to fight and I’m willing to put her against whoever on @misfitsboxing and if you feel you can take her tag your self In it and I’ll set up a fight and you’ll walk away with a bag. No less then 500,000$ and percentage of PPV if it makes sense,” said Garcia on Instagram.


The 25-year-old Garcia is preparing for his first world title defense on April 20 against the 25-year-old WBC super-lightweight champion Devin Haney. 

“Bro what’s up with Yall? I can’t ft my girl and post it??? This is social media, where you share your life,” Garcia spoke out on X defending his new relationship. “I’m not worried about nobody and what they post. It’s all good. If you don’t like her then that’s on you. I’m just being me.”


With 10.3 million Instagram followers, Garcia announced his divorce with Andrea the day they welcomed Henry, their second kid. After three years of marriage, they filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the cause. Garcia(24-1, 20KOs) promised to maintain their two kids, Henry, who was born, and Bela, who is three years old, financially even after they divorced.

The American super star defeated Oscar Duarte in seven rounds during their most recent bout in December. It came after he suffered his first professional loss in an explosive fight in April against 28-year-old Gervonta Davis. Garcia claims to have earned $30 million (£23.6 million) for the bout and anticipates earning a comparable sum from Haney, the undefeated two-weight champion.