Israeli Startups Dominate Fortune Cyber 60 List Of 2024

Eight Israeli companies recognized for their innovative cybersecurity solutions in the latest rankings.

<p>With the demand for cybersecurity services booming, Israelis play a prominent global role in keeping data and identities safe. FACEBOOK. </p>

The Fortune Cyber 60 list for 2024 includes eight companies founded by Israelis:


Cyera, founded in 2021, headquartered in the US with R&D in Tel Aviv, specializing in cloud data security.


Noname Security: Specializing in API security since its founding in 2020 in Tel Aviv, where its R&D is still located, Noname is headquartered in Silicon Valley.


Aqua Security Software of Ramat Gan and Massachusetts, founded in 2015, stops attacks on cloud native applications.


Claroty, founded in 2014, protects and detects threats across cyber-physical systems such as XIoT, OT, IoT, BMS and IoMT. Offices in New York City, Tel Aviv, London, Munich, Singapore, South Korea and Melbourne.


Cato Networks of Tel Aviv, founded in 2015, pioneered the convergence of networking and security into the cloud.


Semperis protects a prime hacker target: Active Directory, the Microsoft-powered database that stores the identity information and access privileges of every employee in a company’s network. Founded in 2013, Semperis has offices in Ramat Gan and in North America.


Snyk, founded in 2015 by alumni of the Israel Defense Forces’ 8200 signal intelligence unit, Snyk identifies and helps fix vulnerabilities in code, open-source software, and container images, or static files containing code.


Wiz, founded in 2020, specializes in cloud security and is headquartered in New York City with R&D in Tel Aviv.

Forbes notes that cybersecurity is at the top of the list of risks for any business.


“The chilling worst-case scenarios are in the headlines on any given day: ransomware attacks that shut down hospitals and schools; private customer information stolen by cybercriminals and sold on the dark web; internal company emails grabbed in a data breach and published online. It’s no wonder that demand for cybersecurity services is booming,” said the editors while explaining in their intro to the 2024 list of the fastest-growing startups in this critical field, identified in cooperation with Lightspeed Venture Partners.


“The companies in the Fortune Cyber 60 offer a broad range of tools and services, from threat detection and identification management to disaster recovery and compliance with regulations. Some have been around for nearly a decade, while others only recently celebrated their first birthdays, but their products have earned the trust of major customers and investors.”


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