Tenants Leave Property Full Of Trash And Feces, Costing$30K In Repairs

I am completely speechless and shocked, the landlord said. The post Tenants leave property full of trash and feces, costing$30K 

<p>Tariq Parvez faces a $30K bill after being disgusted by how the property was left.  PHOTO BY SWNS</p>

A landlord has slammed “nightmare tenants” that left his property filled with rubbish and human waste – costing £25k ($31,548) to repair.

Tariq Parvez says he was disgusted by how the house was left after a family suddenly moved out last month.

The 70-year-old claims he has never seen damage and filth like it in his entire 20 year experience as a landlord.

He says it will cost him £25k to repair the mess at the flat in Glasgow.

He claims he found human waste, rotten food, bin bags, and dirt at the three bedroom property which will cost him thousands to renovate.

Tariq said: “The house is a complete shambles, these nightmare tenants have completely destroyed it. I cannot believe this.

“How they lived like that I really have no idea, it was so dirty and disgusting.

“It was filled with rubbish, and I even found human and animal waste inside the property.

“I have been a landlord for two decades and I have never seen anything like this before.

“I am completely speechless and shocked, it was furnished and clean before but now it is totally wrecked.

“It will cost around £25,000 to carry out repairs after what has happened here.”

Tariq Parvez faces a $30K bill after being disgusted by how the property was left.  PHOTO BY SWNS

Pictures taken of the property showed piles of bin bags and dirty food, along with mystery stains plastered all over the home.

Dirty plates and food were littered all over the home along with children’s toys and broken glass.

The fridge also had thick brown stains inside and the freezer was completely frosted over.

Other images revealed dirty clothes, beer cans, piles of cardboard, and cigarettes scattered across the property.

The garden was also filled with rubbish, broken furniture, ripped up carpets, and overgrown grass.

Tariq is now trying to pick up all the pieces and wants to raise awareness of landlords’ struggles.

He claims the situation has caused him “misery” by leaving him out of pocket while facing the cost-of-living crisis.

He said: “They lived there for more than five years and I never had any major issues with them, then suddenly they left and I discovered this huge mess.

“I had visited last year around July and everything was fine, I don’t know how or when things got so bad.

“There is always bad publicity for landlords but nothing about nightmare tenants and the misery they create.

“I want to raise awareness, it isn’t us that are bad guys all the time.

“I am dealing with the cost-of-living crisis as well and need to pay thousands to fix this damage.”


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