Inspiring Others Is What Fuels Matt Brown Ahead Of Court McGee Fight At UFC 

Matt Brown expects an all-out war against Court McGee on May 13th

<p>Matt Brown now healthy, Matt Brown returns to the UFC Octagon on May 13th on ABC against Court McGee.  in Columbus, Ohio  on Apr 22, 2023. Now healthy, Matt Brown returns to the UFC Octagon on May 13th on ABC against Court McGee. Matt Brown/Courtesy of Matt Brown</p>

COLUMBUS, Ohio — When searching for the ultimate definition of a fighter, an individual that lays it all on the line each and every fight, look no further than 42-year-old and 42-fight veteran, Matt Brown. Brown’s presence inside of the UFC Octagon dates back to 2008. Known for his grinding style and toughness, Brown is one of those fighters you can never count out. On May 13th, he clashes with fellow UFC veteran Court McGee at UFC on ABC 4. Two all-action fighters known for exciting fights, expect an action-packed fight for as long as it lasts. Brown, who has been tending to some injuries returns to the Octagon after more than a year long layoff, hopes to get back in the winning column after suffering a close split decision loss to Bryan Barberena in March of 2022 at UFC on ESPN 33. Brown’s style always seems to land him on the UFC’s primetime cards. 


Zenger News spoke to Brown about his comeback, injuries, and much more! 




Matt Brown  Matt Brown expects an all out war from fellow UFC veteran Court McGee at UFC on ABC 4.  in Columbus, Ohio  on Apr 22, 2023, . Matt Brown expects an all out war from fellow UFC veteran Court McGee at UFC on ABC 4.  Matt Brown /Courtesy of Matt Brown



Zenger: I’m really enjoying the “Immortal Wisdom” newsletters. What prompted you to share these stories? 


Brown: This is how I see the lifecycle of a martial artists. You begin your journey, and you soak information in. You commit your life to martial arts. I married the sport. And then you go compete and test yourself and it’s all about you. But the next step in the cycle is that you give back. I feel like I’m in my cycle to give back more and pass on my knowledge and everything that I’ve learned to, maybe the next generation or someone in need. Just giving back. I anticipate whenever I retire from the sport&mldr; I don’t like using the word retire because we’re not making enough money to retire. We’re actually just switching jobs. Figuring out a different way to make money. Whenever that day comes, the road that I want to go down is going to be to give back. 


Zenger: “UFC on ABC 4,” you will be facing Court McGee. If we know anything about Matt Brown is that he leaves it in the cage every single time, and I’m sure that’s why you were selected for such a big card. 


Brown: You know what, I just found out today that it was on ABC. I didn’t even know that (laughing). Hopefully, I get shown on TV and make the main portion. I don’t know how many fights they show. I didn’t even know they had a contract on ABC. I think it’s cool. Anytime more people get to see, I think that’s a good thing, brand recognition and name recognition. Get yourself out there more, but I also don’t even think about it, man. I go in and I go to war. That’s what my mindset is. Whether it’s at “Joe’s Backyard BBQ,” or on primetime ABC, I’m going to war. 


Zenger: When you fight on May 13th, that registers as over a year out of the cage. Why such a lengthy layoff? 


Brown: I had to take off for some injuries I was dealing with, mainly my back. I actually hurt it before my last few fights, so I wanted to take the time&mldr; looking at myself a little bit like, “Can I keep doing this?” I questioned myself because of my back injuries. I ended up getting some stem cells in it and it’s been holding up wonderfully, so I think I might have a few more years left at this point. With that said, I never stop going. I never stopped training, and I didn’t stop working on my businesses, and working towards that next step, businesses and spending time with the kids. More than anything, building these businesses. 


Zenger: You’re 42 years old with 42 professional fights. What keeps you motivated at this point? 


Brown: This is all about inspiring the next generation at this point. I’ve been asked that question for many years, and I’m surprised more people aren’t motivated to do it. I think everyone within themselves are naturally motivated for freedom. Every human wants that in their life to be free. There’s nothing freer than being in that cage. There are so few rules, it’s the ultimate expression of the human body, it’s the best feeling in the world. 


The hard part, which is why people may give up early or don’t aspire to it is because financially it’s not the best business in the world. There is not a lot of ROI [Return On Investment] in it, unless you’re Conor McGregor or Jon Jones or some shit. I guess it depends on how you want to live your life. You going to chase money and get rich, that’s cool. I personally enjoy the freedom that it brings me. 


Zenger: It seems like you and Court should have fought each other by now. But on May 13th, we finally get it. What are your thoughts on Court as an opponent? 


Brown: That’s the first thing that everyone says, “You’re fighting Court McGee, you haven’t fought him yet?” (Laughing). Me and him have had similar paths from the beginning. We both seen the other side. We both overdosed young in our lives before the UFC. We both changed our lives for the better and became martial artists. We both made it to the UFC. I would say I’ve gotten to a higher level than him, beat better guys than him, but he’s a grinder, man. He’s won a lot of fights. He puts it on every time. He’s a tough SOB. He’s going to push the fight from beginning to end. I love that. I think that makes for a great matchup and I can’t see it going any other way than an all-out war. 


Zenger: You have 42 fights under your belt, is Matt Brown still learning the game or is each camp and fight par for the course at this stage? 


Brown: I still learn so much all the time. Every time I think I know some shit; some guy will come in the gym and kick my ass on some shit I ain’t never seen. I own my own gym now and a lot of it, I started teaching a lot of classes myself, and when I start teaching, I realize how little I know. The old saying is, “If you can’t explain it to a 3rd grader, then you don’t really know it.” A lot of times, even if it’s an adult class, you gotta explain it like it’s a 3rd grader (laughing). And then putting it in terms and using language where guys can understand it, it really makes you understand it a lot better. To add to that adds to the motivation. 


You saw the newsletter entry about the little kid who changed his life by coming to the gym. That was just one story that came to mind. There are so many kids, I just see their lives change. Adults as well, but honestly, the adults don’t affect me as much. Like I said in the newsletter, I created a fork in that kid’s life. That one road was going in a very bad way, and it only goes downhill. I took him down a different road, his life changed. We created a new human being out of that. That really touches my heart and makes everything I do worth it. 


Zenger: I can hear in your voice that your true fulfillment in martial arts is what you just spoke about. 


Brown: I can tell you what, when I get these DM’s, phone calls, or emails and they are like, “Bro, I heard your story, and it helped me change my life. You inspired me to change things for the better.” That’s more fulfilling than any paycheck. Like I said, there isn’t a ton of ROI in this sport. Speaking to a friend of mine the other day who is worth millions of dollars, we kind of started out in the same spot. When we were younger, we were both poor. He’s talking about, “I don’t know if I want to buy a Lambo or Ferrari.” I’m like, “Dude, I don’t know if I want to buy a Toyota or a Honda.” My point is, if I would’ve put as much energy that I put into this into any other venture in the world. I could’ve started at McDonald’s, if I would’ve put this much into it, I would be the CEO by now making millions of dollars. But I wouldn’t get a tenth of that fulfillment that I get. Would I had touched as many lives and impacted so many people in a positive way, hell to the no I would not have.