Daredevil Climbs The Roof Of One Of England’s Most Iconic Soccer Stadiums

Kain Hogg, 23, reached the top of the famous stadium – home to Liverpool FC – in just 10 minutes

<p>View inside the stadium prior to the UEFA Champions League group A match between Liverpool FC and SSC Napoli at Anfield on November 1, 2022 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. <br>Photo by Stephen Welsh/DeFodi Images via Getty Images</p>

Kain Hogg, 23, reached the top of the famous stadium – home to Liverpool FC – in just 10 minutes.

Kain, who is currently living in Liverpool, has scaled other UK sites, including a 285 ft-high bridge and a rollercoaster. He claims lax security allowed him to get in – although he says he doesn’t want anyone to get in trouble over what happened. It’s always been a dream of his to tackle the 53,394-seater Anfield – and building work gave him the perfect opportunity. 

Kain said: “Climbing gives me a rush, and I like to think my viewers get a rush from watching me climb. “The ongoing building project at Anfield made for perfect climbing conditions, and I knew I had to take advantage of the easy route to the top.” 

Kain says he and a pal gained access to the ground through a construction site at the Anfield Road End. He then found an empty stairwell, making the climb easier than he’d expected, before reaching some scaffolding. Within ten minutes, Kain had negotiated his way to the top, where he then hopped over onto the roof of the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand. 

Video footage filmed on his GoPro shows the YouTuber looking down on the football pitch. The stands appear desolate, and Kain says he was surprised at the lack of security surrounding the ground. He said: “I was able to gain access to Anfield through the construction site. “I then climbed up the scaffolding and used a stairwell, which was part of the site to surpass the different levels of the stadium. 

“There was no security anywhere on the site, despite the fact they’re spending millions on the extension – it was very strange. I didn’t see a single guard, dog, or camera, so I was able to get up there completely undetected. Reaching the roof felt amazing, and the view of the pitch was unreal.”

“I stayed for a while to take it all in, then quickly made my way down again just as quickly as I’d climbed up. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble by doing what I’m doing, I just enjoy the freedom of it all.” 

Kain, originally from Kendal, Cumbria, uploads all the videos of his adventures to his social media channels. Some have amassed tens of thousands of views. He climbed Anfield with a friend at around 3 am on October 25. 

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