Couple Spends Thousands To Turn Their House Into Halloween Heaven For Months

Chip bags more fabric and monsters for his Halloween set up in the sales – and has spent just £6,000 over the last 16 years

Meet the Halloween-obsessed couple who have spent over $6,800 decorating their house and celebrate the spooky season for three months every year.

Chip Parsons, 35, has been a fan of all things horror since he was a child and has been going all out decorating his home for the last 16 years.

His house – which he shares with husband Terry King, 55, who works in insurance – is decked out with a DIY Pennywise from “It,” monsters, a coffin, graves, pumpkins and lighting to bring it all together.

The horror fan starts decorating his basement in August and leaves the decorations up until the start of November.

Each year, Chip bags more fabric and monsters for his Halloween set up in the sales – and has spent just £6,000 over the last 16 years.

Chip, an x-ray technician, from Chattanooga, Tennessee said: “I think Halloween is so magical.”

“I love dressing up and pretending to be someone else.”

“It’s never too early to get the decorations up – I get them up in August.”

“But I always pride myself on not spending too much on my obsession.”

“I’ll buy during the sales and make a lot of the monsters myself.”

“Terry loves Halloween too, but he’s not as obsessed as me – he indulges me.”

Chip hosts a Halloween party every year and loves to make sure the decor in his home is up to scratch.

“I get cheap fabric and drape it around the room using zip ties and command hooks,” he said.

“Over the years I’ve collected loads of lights and thing to decorate with.”

“I make a lot of the monsters myself – Pennywise is a mannequin doll which I dressed in a costume I bought on sale.”

“I also make them with concrete bases, PVC pipes and use wire hangers for hands.”

“I just get creative.”

“Lighting is key and really brings it all together.”

“I go to the sale the day after Halloween every year to get more decorations, but it’s all discounted so over 16 years, I’ve only spent around £6,000 on it all.”

Terry is on hand to help out, but Chip insists he is a control freak.

“I do it mostly myself, but Terry will always help if I need it,” Chip said.

“This is my time when I thrive.”

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