‌Ryan Garcia Offers His Surprising Views On Women‌

As Garcia gives back to fans, questions arise over motivations and authenticity of his altruistic gestures.

<p>Ryan Garcia looks on while facing Oscar Duarte during their welterweight fight at Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Ryan Garcia offers his surprising views on women. CARMEN MANDATO/GETTY IMAGES.</p>

The recent actions of Ryan Garcia caused some controversy. Previously recognized for his blows, the professional boxer turned to giving.


He transformed like Santa in a shoe store, giving shoes to everyone in attendance. But many were perplexed by the conflicting responses to this deed. Is compassion not admirable? Garcia(24-1, 20KOs) found himself defending his goals as he got ready for the highly anticipated battle against Devin Haney at Barclays Center on April 20.


The turn of events? He stated that the store was the reason behind the one-time video. Does he perform these altruistic deeds in front of the cameras all the time? 

“It hurts my heart when people say I gave free shoes for the people for clout or for me to gain praise, I do this stuff all the time, I decided to record once bc The store wanted to do a video So I decided to do record and make a video out of it myself, I’m genuinely sad,” said Garcia in a post on X.


Garcia, a 25-year old boxer from the United States, is not out of character, though, given this gesture of charity. He recently gained notoriety by guaranteeing a female fan a ticket to his much-anticipated April 20 matchup with Devin Haney. Garcia’s deeds both inside and outside the ring flawlessly demonstrate his dedication to giving back, inspiring both admiration and doubt.


Ryan Garcia noticed a simple tweet from a fan wishing she had tickets for her birthday. “where’s my fav @RyanGarcia?? It’s my bday I would appreciate some tickets to your fight ,” she said. While preparing for his crucial matchup with Devin Haney on April 20, Garcia took a moment to establish a connection between himself and the fan. With a few keystrokes on his keyboard, he turned her request into a guarantee, saying, “If you can make it, you got it.” 


The fan’s exhilaration and astonishment were mirrored in her comment on X, “OH IM THERE champ.” This interaction demonstrated Garcia’s ability to engage with fans in deep and lasting ways and was more than just a ticket exchange. 

“Woman are the only logical loving people in the world. Guys are hating everyday.the ratio of Good hearted men and woman is 10to50 50 going to the woman,” said Garcia in a post on X.