‌‘Starving’ Heavyweight Simon Kean Ready To Shock The World Against Joseph Parker

Canadian heavyweight Simon Kean aims to shock the world by defeating former champion Joseph Parker in Saudi Arabia.

<p>Simon Kean takes on Joseph Parker on Fury-Ngannou card in Quebec, Canada on Oct 17, 2023. EYE OF THE TIGER MANAGEMENT. </p>

QUÉBEC CITY, Quebec — As a boxing fan, it’s hard to capture a more satisfying feeling than seeing two heavyweights slug it out. The chance of a knockout grows exponentially when you’re dealing with the big boys. Canadian heavyweight, Simon Kean enhances this notion. The 6’5 Kean, also known as, “The Grizzly” has 22 knockouts in his 23 wins with the only exception dating back to 2017. He has also defeated every man he’s ever stepped in the ring with after avenging his only defeat against Dillon Carman just 8 months later by 3rd round TKO. However, on October 28th, he faces his toughest challenge to date in former heavyweight champion, Joseph Parker in Saudi Arabia. Parker, 32-3 with 22 knockouts has faced the likes of Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz, Alexander Dimitrenko, Dillian Whyte, and Derek Chisora. Kean fully understands what he’s up against but is determined to shock the world. The bout will take place on the Tyson Fury- Francis Ngannou card. 

Kean shares his thoughts on Joseph Parker, the event, and outcome with Zenger News.

Zenger: Simon, how are you feeling going into what on paper, seems to be your biggest fight to date against former world champion Joseph Parker?

Kean: I’m excited to shock the world!

Zenger: Did you change anything for this training camp, or did you keep things relatively the same?

Kean: I didn’t change anything, but I’m more disciplined.

Zenger: When you were presented with the fight with Parker, what was the thought process behind accepting this challenge?

Kean: I know I’m a top fighter, it’s time for me to show it and to put my name out there.

Zenger: Parker is a good boxer, but at times he’s been criticized for not engaging. It doesn’t seem like you give your opponents that luxury. What type of fight are you expecting from him?

Kean: I don’t answer this question because it’s part of the game plan.

Zenger: You are on an 8-fight knockout streak. Is that something you aim for, or is your objective to win at all costs, and the knockouts just happen?

Kean: Parker is the real deal. I just stay focused on winning every round one by one.

Zenger: What do you feel your keys to victory are?

Kean: Hard work, nothing less.

Zenger: Will it be a big acclimation for you traveling to Saudi Arabia to compete, or do you feel this will be like any other fight you have had in the past?

Kean: We have 7 days to acclimate, that’s enough for me.

Zenger: A win over Parker could put you in a great spot within the heavyweight division, particularly your ranking. Where would you like a win to place you within the division?

Kean: Top 10, please!

Zenger: Do you feel you got the proper look in sparring, and how are you feeling physically?

Kean: I feel stronger than ever.

Zenger: What does it mean to be a part of the [Tyson] Fury/ [Francis] Ngannou card?

Kean: I don’t mind. It’s glamour, but I don’t mind because I stay focus on Parker

Zenger: What would be the ideal ending to this fight for Simon Kean?

Kean:  A wonderful KO [knockout] at the end of the last round.

Zenger: Good luck on October 28. I am looking forward to this fight. Is there anything else you would like to add before I let you go?

Kean: I’m not hungry— I’m starving!