Modern Day Russian Rapunzel Says She Keeps Getting The Same Creepy Request From Men Online

Rapunzel Mum Hair has been approached by men online that want her to cut her hair and sell as she refuses to do so and keeping it.

<p>Christina Spezhova walking down with her long hair. This Rapunzel mother is approached by creepy men online who want her to chop her hair and sell it to them.  CHRISTINA SPEZHOVA/FEATURES MAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA</p>

Accountant Christina Spezhova from the City of Penza, Russia has always loved her long mane. She works with the Russian Postal Service, but spends most of her time shooting videos and clicking photos of her four feet two inches long hair for her admirers. 

Christina Spezhova walking down with her long hair. This Rapunzel mother is approached by creepy men online who want her to chop her hair and sell it to them.  CHRISTINA SPEZHOVA/FEATURES MAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA

A mom to two kids, son Valery (16) and daughter Eva (5), Christina is married to Pavel (42), an electric welder, and has an Instagram following of almost 5K fans. 

She is a self-confessed lover of attention and loves getting compliments from her admirers and claims that her hair marks her individuality. 

“I get attention all the time from men online, she said. They keep sending me messages on Instagram, but I don’t answer everyone. I answer only a few and I maintain my levels of decency when I respond to them.” 

Even though Christina enjoys fulfilling her admirers wishes, she refused to go beyond a point like in the case when the men online asked her to cut her hair and send it to him. 

“I take videos and photos of my loose hair and various hairstyles,” she said. “I fulfill the wishes of my subscribers and admirers, but only within a reasonable limit. There was this man who tried to persuade me to cut my hair. He tried to convince me by saying that long hair is a waste of time and money. He said he also had someone else who would buy my hair. Naturally, I refused and stopped all sorts of communication with him.”

Rapunzel, 1901. From Grimms Household Stories collected by the Brothers Grimm. The Russian accountant has been approached from men for reminder of a folk tale. EDWARD HENRY WEHNERT/FEATURES MAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA

Peoples reaction to Christina’s beautiful hair has always been positive except for some creepy advances from men online. 

“When people look at my hair, they usually compliment me,” she said. “Some people even touch my hair, but I don’t like people touching my hair. I have even noticed that some people take out their mobile phones to click my photo or capture my hair. I do get some comments on the internet even though they are pretty nice. Once a mum told me online that her daughter had called me a fairy. That was lovely. She has a regular hair maintenance schedule in which she uses various oils, masks, shampoos, balm and even a nettle decoction.” 

However, unbelievably so, she spends not more than 25 in a few months to maintain her luscious locks. 

“I use simple hair care products, nothing special honestly, she said. I use oils, masks and normal shampoos when I wash my hair. I also use some balm sometimes or just a spray to easily comb my hair. I have a nettle decoction with me that I sometimes put on my hair. Maintaining my hair comes around to 25 for a couple of weeks, which is good and cheap.”

Christina believes she is blessed with good genes which is the reason it grows quickly and stays strong. 

“I have always had long hair,” said Christina. “I have never liked to chop my hair off as I believe my hair is what makes me different and stand out from the rest of the world. I grew my hair this long because I enjoy getting attention and compliments from others. I like to spend time taking care of my hair and clicking photos of it.”


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